LinkedDocument folder

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LinkedDocument folder

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Hello everyone,

I recently took over the task of creating a web help for our company.

We currently have an old NetHelp generated, a few years ago, with Doc-To-Help.

The whole project has a couple of hundred word-documents that are all linked via hyperlinks.

So I have document 1 with a few topics that has hyperlinks to document 2, 3 and 4.

With the old NetHelp we had no problems with it opening a link in a document and showing the document in the

If I generate a new NetHelp with Doc-To-Help 6 and updated word documents, I get a new folder in the project called "LinkedDocuments" which contains all the documents that are linked in hyperlinks.

If I click on such a hyperlink within my new NetHelp a download of the linked word-documents starts.

In the old version, it would open the linked document within the NetHelp.

Has anyone had this happen as well and can tell me what setting is causing this ?

Thank you all for any help in advance
Jack Konings
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Re: LinkedDocument folder

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Hi Nmuss,

This is tipical behaviour if the hyperlinked documents are not located within the project folder. In that case D2H copies the linked documents into the newly created LinkedDocuments folder and the file is downloaded when clicked in the nethelp target.
I checked with D2H 6. If the linked document is within the project folder, all is fine and the link goes to the topic within the nethelp target.

Kind regards
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