Conflicts not detected after Central review

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Conflicts not detected after Central review

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I've a branch, branchA.

I send topicA from branchA to Central for review.

Changes are then made to branchA->topicA in Central.

Meanwhile, changes are also made to branchA->topicA in Flare.

However, when I then close the review and Accept topicA back into Flare from Central, Flare is not flagging that there are now conflicts between topicA pulled from Central and topicA in Flare. I'd expect the Resolve Conflicts dialog to appear.

Accepting all the changes made to topicA in Central merely overwrites the local topicA, and all changes made to local topicA are lost.

If I right-click topicA in the Content Explorer and select Source Control > Show Differences, the two versions of topicA are shown. But Resolve Conflicts is somehow not being triggered.

What am I missing?
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