Multiple Glossary

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Jr. Propeller Head
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Multiple Glossary

Post by AliceCooper »

Hello all,

Is it possible to set-up multiple DISTINCT glossaries?

I would like to set-up a Technical Glossary and a Business Glossary rather than One Big Glossary.

Can anyone assist?

Jr. Propeller Head
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Re: Multiple Glossary

Post by HelgaWhigg »

Sure - In your Project Organizer, right-click the Glossaries folder, and then select Add Glossary. Name it Technical, or whatever,
and then add your glossary terms and such. You can designate a specific glossary in your target's Glossary tab.
Jr. Propeller Head
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Re: Multiple Glossary

Post by arachnopus »

Let's say I have two glossaries, Glossary A and Glossary B. Can I publish Glossary A on Topic page A, and Glossary B on Topic page B? Or, am I restricted to only one Glossary per publishing target?

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Re: Multiple Glossary

Post by Corinna »

This can be done using different conditions.
  • Create topic A and topic B.
  • Create glossary A and glossary B and fill them with specific terms.
  • Create condition A and condition B.
  • Open topic A.
  • Insert Proxy > Glossary proxy.
  • Mark the proxy with condition A.
  • Repeat for topic B using glossary B and condition B.
  • Set the target to include condition A and B.
  • Optional: In the target properties > Advanced > Glossary, deactivate "Generate glossary proxy".
I am not sure if there's a simpler way, but that's how I would do it, and it works.
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