Exclude Glossary Terms Not Used

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Exclude Glossary Terms Not Used

Post by GrantPierce »

My team has a universal glossary that we use for all of our projects. Our projects are all PDF outputs. I want the glossary proxy to auto detect the terms within a TOC and ONLY list the terms it finds... without having to condition the terms. The goal is to not go through each project to find which glossary terms are used and which ones are not - I want this step to be automated.


Glossary Terms include- Fish, Dog, Rabbit

Only Fish is found in the particular project, so the project output only defines "Fish" in the glossary list.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Exclude Glossary Terms Not Used

Post by Corinna »

This is an old but interesting question.

I don't think there's a built-in mechanism in Flare.

You could, however, manipulate the files relevant for glossary creation outside of Flare before building the target.

The only way I could think of is XSL-T because that's what I learned back in the day, but I am sure there are more modern ways to modify XML files.

The first step would include parsing all content files for this XML element:

Code: Select all

<MadCap:glossaryTerm glossTerm="Glossary.Term[b]XX[/b]">Term</MadCap:glossaryTerm>
The second step would include parsing the glossary project file for all glossarTerm elements found and remove the ones that are not in the list:

Code: Select all

Thanks to your question and some other considerations, I have decided to build my glossary manually.
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