Problems with Lingo and Across Language Server

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Problems with Lingo and Across Language Server

Post by Ina »

Has anyone here had experience with Lingo and Across Language Server? We're encountering issues importing translation bundles back into Lingo and would appreciate any help, in English or German.

Here's the specific issue:

When importing XLF files from Lingo into Across using the XLIFF file import template, it combines all sentences within a paragraph, jumbling the structure and resulting in errors upon re-importing the files to Lingo. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to adjust the import template settings.

Furthermore, if the XLF files from Lingo are imported into Across using the XML file import template, while everything appears correct in Across, the source text gets overwritten by the target text. Consequently, when importing back into Lingo, both the target and source are displayed in the target language.
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Re: Problems with Lingo and Across Language Server

Post by Dafra08 »

I have very limited experience with Across, and have never imported from Lingo. But could the first issue be some segmentation rule mishap rather than something with the import template? Check the segmentation rules in Across. Maybe it helps to create explicit segmentation rules in Lingo too, before exporting to XLF, although it sounds like the problem is on the Across side.
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