Tracked changes in snippets not working correctly in PDF output

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Tracked changes in snippets not working correctly in PDF output

Post by sharonruss »

I have note that is used in multiple topics, so I created a snippet. The text in the snippet was then edited and I used tracked changes. It works fine in the snippet but there are two issues when it is added to the topics.

First, the tracked changes are showing in the snippet, but when I add the snippet to the topic, all the text (both added and deleted) show up but there is no mark up... the text is black and there is no cross out to indicate what was deleted.
Text in the snippet:
Snippets text showing tracked changes.png
Snippet in Topic with tracked changes showing:
Snippet text in topic showing tracked changes.png
The bigger issue is that the changes are not showing correctly in the topic or in the PDF output, i.e., the changes are reversed so it shows what was added as being deleted and what was deleted as being added. Basically, it ends up showing the original instead of the changed text.

Text in snippet showing final (this is what should show in the topic and PDF output):
Snippet text showing final.png
Snippet in topic showing final (it should show the changed text but it is showing the original):
Snippet text in topic showing final.png
Snippet in PDF output showing tracked changes (the changes are reversed so what was deleted shows as added and what was added shows as deleted):
Snippet text in PDF showing tracked changes.png
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