release documentations with Git via Flare?

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release documentations with Git via Flare?

Post by Tobias »


i`m new to git and have the following problem:
Currently I`m writing the operation manual for a specific machine type. For each unit of the machine we sell, I will have to modify the manual slightly (some variables, some paragraphs).
I thought about making a branch for each unit.
Our automation department told me that there normally should be a feature called "release" to achieve this, but this feature doesn`t seem to be available in the flare source control tab.
Is there a best practice for what I intend to do?

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Re: release documentations with Git via Flare?

Post by _[shapeonthewall]_ »

Hi Tobias, your post is quite old now but I opened it because I'm also new to Git and exploring workflows to use.

I'm sure you found an answer to your question in the end! But in case of the slim possibility that continuing this conversation helps someone else who's new to git, I want to add some info I've learned.

I see that your team were probably referring to the workflow in which you carry out the work for a product's release on a branch called release. Which you'd need to create in your repo, and then Flare will be able to see it. For multiple products, you might want to create a separate release branch for each.

I found the following article about a branching workflow to be clear and inspiring: ... ing-model/.
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