Parameter driven Target-based Conditions - Another Way?

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Parameter driven Target-based Conditions - Another Way?

Post by ClanMoffat »

I have the scenario where I have documents that are generated with different conditions depending on an expanding set of (currently) 6 parameters.

I currently have a core MadCap Project where I have set up Targets to cater for each combination of parameter, defining the required conditions.
This core MadCap Project is then imported into other MadCap projects where specific document content is held, and text using the conditions is held.

With a couple of parameters, it's manageable, but I am now at ~ 192 Targets.
I have 7 parameters, one with three options, for example:
  • PDF or WORD output
  • Draft or Release
With one parameters, I'd have 2 Targets.
With two parameters, I'd have 4 Targets.
With three parameters, I'm up to 8 Targets.
My fourth parameter has 3 options, so now I'm up to 24 Targets...

If I add another parameter, I will need to double the number of Targets to cater for the potential use-cases... :(

Is there another way to apply the conditions...?
Has anyone tried to update the ConditionTagExpression tag in the Flare Target file?
Perhaps I could have a single Target and programmatically generate the ConditionTagExpression tag before building the project...?

Any thoughts welcome!
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Re: Parameter driven Target-based Conditions - Another Way?

Post by AlexFox »

I've never personally used it but I'll probably procure a licence later this year as our various Flare projects are getting bigger and bigger, but there is a paid solution on the market called Target Control -

It's linked to officially by Flare from this page, so it's an advocated third-party solution.
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Re: Parameter driven Target-based Conditions - Another Way?

Post by robdocsmith »

Target Control looks interesting and I'd have probably gone there had I not already come up with my own solution.

I programmatically generate targets for individual manuals bespoke to a particular boat model. I have a host of conditions for each potential item on board a vessel. I use a Python scripted GUI to select some options and create the target based on those selections and also from information garnered from our network drives. Saves me masses of time hand selecting conditions or creating a more generic manual each time. Leaves me to focus on the content and provides the owner with a far more bespoke owner's manual.

So I could see that you could, with a bit of work, get away from having to select a target from a raft of targets and build specifically for your selections from a GUI. An interface that selects Product, Draft/Final, PDF/Word etc and then creates a target. The target could even be built and published programmatically using Flare's CLI.

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