Failed to check license; Flare 8 won't start

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Failed to check license; Flare 8 won't start

Post by ScottH »

I'm running Flare 8 and it used to work fine, but now when I try to start the application, it pauses during the initialization phase and I get the following error:

Failed to check license:
Error gathering system information

When I click OK, the program closes. I tried reinstalling, but that didn't do anything. Did something change? I can't even get in to re-enter the license.
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Re: Failed to check license; Flare 8 won't start

Post by Nita Beck »

Any chance you are running McAfee? Suddenly today Capture wouldn't run on my computer because McAfee flagged it as a Trojan. There's something on McAfee's forum about some huge issue today with false positives running amok. If you do run McAfee, look to see if it quarantined Flare (or some part of it) and if so tell it Flare can be trusted. If you don't have McAfee, then I don't know what to suggest other than call tech support.
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Re: Failed to check license; Flare 8 won't start

Post by kathryngz »

I know this thread is pretty old, but I got the same error message today with Flare 2024. I solved it by right-clicking the Flare icon and choosing Run as administrator. Hope this is helpful to someone else.

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