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Topic Within a Topic

Post by cdotdark »

I was wondering if anyone knows of a Flare feature or workaround where you can display a topic within a topic? Essentially, what I'd like to be able to do is single source content by having individual topics that I can then insert into a larger topic. I know about snippets; I need these items to work as stand-alone topics as well.

In this case, I have an API document that has around 40-50 API listings. Due to the amount of content & amount in each listing, I want to create separate topics for each API (and then putting them into a TOC for print/PDF output), then create a mega topic for online output with each listing puling content from the respective API topic. Basically, making topics act as snippets but retain full functionality as a topic.

Is there a way to accomplish something like this, or would using snippets be my best bet?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Topic Within a Topic

Post by AlexFox »

Have you considered trying to use an <iframe> or something more modern like <object>?
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Re: Topic Within a Topic

Post by devjoe »

Would popup links work? Make the mega-topic simply a list of popup links, which each display another topic within a popup that appears over that main topic. Users would only be able to see one at a time.

The other possibility is indeed using snippets. In this case you'd have the individual topics each containing one snippet and your big topic containing all of them.
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