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Trusted Comments

Postby Hobbes on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:28 am

I know there is already a thread for feature wishlist, but there is something that would really make this tool more useful than it already is.

We have just implemented Feedback Service for one of our products and our internal support teams are really excited about it. They want to task their people with the responsibility to enhance our online help by posting useful information via the comments function. However, there is no way for the customer to differentiate comments from our experts and comments from Joe Schmo.

It would be great if, after a user registers, I could click a checkbox in the Feedback Admin tool and mark them as an expert. Then when they post comments there would be a clear visual difference between their comments and everyone elses (different icon, text color, background). That way customers could tell instantly which comments are coming from us. This would give them the warm fuzzy that we are listening to them and let them know they can trust the information.

Like I said, we love the potential of the tool, this would just make it even better.
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Re: Trusted Comments

Postby forfear on Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:31 am

this oughta go into the feature request page to be recorded for the Feedback MADdev teams to consider.

pretty cool idea to differentiate comments from Joe Schmo and users with 'authority' or MVPs..a bit like how the forums let you markup colours names posts by specific users in Bold, different colours, etc. helps to set the context of comments!
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