TIP: Use Multiple Feedback Explorer Windows

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TIP: Use Multiple Feedback Explorer Windows

Postby pcalnan on Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:54 am

This may already be obvious to everyone else but it wasn't to me so I thought I'd pass this on as a lesson learned.

When using a single Feedback Explorer window to review the statistics for multiple WebHelp "systems", we found that having multiple Feedback Configuration (.fbconf) files open at the same time led to some “cross-pollination” between the statistics for different WebHelp systems. Specifically, what I mean by “cross-pollination” is that like many others, we single-source our online help so that we can produce multiple variants of the help for different versions of our product. Each variant gets its own separate Feedback Server key and we use conditioning to filter out some topics from different variants. What we were seeing in Feedback Explorer was that the results for one variant were including topics that were from a different variant and that should not have been included in the variant that we were reviewing. This is what I mean by “cross-pollination” in that the statistics for one variant were including topics from another.

Based on my experiences with Flare, I thought I knew why this was happening and Madcap Technical Support (thank you, Neal) concurs with my theory.

When reviewing more than one Feedback Configuration file at a time, you need to open a different Feedback Explorer window for each one.

This is similar to Flare in that if you want to open more than one Flare project at a time, you have to open a separate Flare window for each. Feedback Explorer appears to have the same behavior.

Hope this might help others as it had me stumped for a bit until I figured out a work-around.

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