Keeping Headers with Image on Same Page

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Keeping Headers with Image on Same Page

Postby Redskins on Mon May 02, 2011 1:39 pm


I have a series of table names followed by a definition of the table and then a screen capture of the image that looks like this:

<h3+> Table Name </h3>
<p+> Table Definition </p>
<p+> </p>

I want to keep the table name, definition, and image together as one group. The problem i am having is the table name will be on one page and the definition and image will be on the next.. What can I do to keep these 3 components together as a group?!?

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Re: Keeping Headers with Image on Same Page

Postby LTinker68 on Mon May 02, 2011 2:13 pm

You can put them all in a DIV with a custom class and set the page-break-inside attribute of that class to "avoid". I'd get rid of that extra blank paragraph in the middle. If you want that spacing, you can either create a class for the table definition that has a margin-bottom value or create a class for the paragraph containing the image and give that class a margin-top value.

Note that it'll be easier inserting the DIV first then inserting a table and text inside the DIV. It might be trickier doing it after you've already created the table and text. I don't have Flare open at the moment to test how easy it is to select the table and text and group them by pressing the indent icon and selecting the DIV class from the popup list. You might have to insert a temporary blank paragraph before the table and after the image paragraph, then select those paragraphs and everything in between, then click the indent icon and select the DIV class, then go back and delete those temporary paragraphs once you have the items in the DIV class.

Note, however, that the content might still split across pages, depending on how your table and paragraph styles are defined, and how big the table, text, and image are in relation to the space available on the page.

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Re: Keeping Headers with Image on Same Page

Postby bianca_writer on Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:59 am

Lisa, I took your advice and created a "KeepWith" div. For the most part, it worked beautifully in the PDF output, except that it caused two issues:

  • In some cases, all of the content inside of a div would disappear, and a blank page would show up in the PDF.
  • If there was a lot of content in the div, the content would get squished together by decreasing the line space.

Any tips for how to avoid these issues?
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