html5 glossary-pluarl terms

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html5 glossary-pluarl terms

Postby Stephani3 on Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:57 am

I want to add plural forms of terms to my glossary so the glossary popup text appears on the plural forms as well. Is there a way to hide the plurals so they don't appear in the glossary tab? Because it's obviously doubling the size of my glossary...

Code: Select all
      <Term>Air admittance valve</Term>
      <Term>Air admittance valves</Term>
      Link="">means a one-way valve designed to allow air to enter the drainage system when the pressure in the plumbing system is less than the atmospheric pressure.</Definition>

Any ideas?
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Re: html5 glossary-pluarl terms

Postby kwag_myers on Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:06 am

I can't help you with the Glossary (sorry), but I generally put the "s" in parentheses in these situations: valve(s).
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Re: html5 glossary-pluarl terms

Postby HelenF on Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:16 am

Hi, we have the same issue. Raised it as Feature Request #46929 in November 2011. Might be worth you raising it as well.
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Re: html5 glossary-pluarl terms

Postby Thomas Tregner on Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:25 pm

Please post your improvements to this if you make any.

I would also like to do this. There are at least two ways. One is to keep a dictionary of terms to remove. The other is to use rules to identify terms to remove. At the bottom is a script that implements three common rules in English to act on the terms that appear in the navigation panel when the Glossary tab is selected.

At the moment I have the script placed in Default.htm (or the whatever the main file's name). I added an onclick to the tab to fire the script. But it doesn't fire until it is clicked a second time. Meaning the tab is shown and then clicked again. If you find a better way to fire the script, let me know.

In the body:
Code: Select all
                <div class="tabs">
                    <ul class="tabs-nav clearfix">
                        <li id="TocTab" class="needs-pie tabs-nav-active">Contents</li>
                        <li id="IndexTab" class="needs-pie">Index</li>
                        <li id="GlossaryTab" class="needs-pie" onclick="removePlurals()">Glossary</li>

And in the head:

Code: Select all
      <script type="text/javascript">
      function getFirstChild(el) {
    //Not all nodes are elements. This ensures the returned nodes are only elements.
    var firstChild = el.firstChild;
    while (firstChild != null && firstChild.nodeType !== 1) {
        firstChild = firstChild.nextSibling;
    return firstChild;

function removePlurals() {
    var glossary = document.getElementById("glossary").getElementsByTagName("li");
    var itemsToRemove = [];

    var i = 0;

    while (i < glossary.length) {
        //Looking at each item in glossary. Consider this the current one.
        var curr = getFirstChild(getFirstChild(glossary[i])).textContent;

        //Don't check for the previous on the first iteration.
        //This part checks for two types of plurals in English. Examples:
        //Current: fancy    Previous: fancies
        //Current: monies   Previous: money
        var prev = '';
        var j = i - 1;
        if (!(i == 0)) {
            prev = getFirstChild(getFirstChild(glossary[j])).textContent;
            if ((prev.substring(curr.length - 3) == 'ey') && (curr.substring(curr.length - 3) == 'ies') && (prev.substring(0, curr.length - 3) == curr.substring(0, curr.length - 3))) {
            if ((curr.substring(curr.length - 1) == 'y') && (prev.substring(curr.length - 1) == 'ies') && (prev.substring(0, curr.length - 1) == curr.substring(0, curr.length - 1))) {

        //This part checks for the most common type of plural in English. Example:
        //Current: Term     Next: Terms
        var next = '';
        var k = i + 1;
        if (i < glossary.length - 1) {
            next = getFirstChild(getFirstChild(glossary[k])).textContent;
            if ((next.substring(curr.length) == 's') && (next.substring(0, curr.length) == curr)) {


    while (itemsToRemove.length > 0) {
        var r = itemsToRemove.pop();
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Re: html5 glossary-pluarl terms

Postby Stephani3 on Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:06 pm

What a creative solution! Thank you.
Could we use a glossary term class and hide the class from the glossary output some how?
And I'll definitely submit a feature request too.
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